Monday, September 23, 2013

I`m Emily Harding from Rebecca Ellis Greene. We are working with a number of respected clients in the health, fitness and personal well-being sectors. We have a suggestion which we hope will be useful for

We may be able to offer you some free of charge content for in return for a link back to a relevant client site. We have substantial teams of professional in-country writers located in the UK and the USA. We can have them (at our expense) research and write some content specifically for you to publish on If it suits you, there is the potential to do this for more than one client.

You have complete control as to the subject and focus for each piece; the content will be unique to and there are definitely no costs or other commitments for you. All we would ask is that for each piece of content you agree with us, you allow us to include one simple text link to the client`s site within the content.

There is further information including answers to frequently asked questions on our website at

Please let me know if this would potentially work for you and we can come back to you with further details.

Thanks and kind regards - Emily Harding, Online Partnerships

Removal is probably the wrong word - you are not on any kind of mailing list because we identify and approach sites individually. However, I really do not want to upset anyone by making contact and if I have done so, I`m really sorry. I am always trying to improve our approach. Given that we have other sites, if you could reply with REMOVE in the subject line and (if possible) your reason, I will ensure that I learn from it!